• ICON CPAP Machine with Humidifier

ICON CPAP Machine with Humidifier

Known for their humidification technology, Fisher & Paykel has introduced the F&P ICON series of CPAP machines. Their ThermoSmart Technology provides increased humidification and increases the comfort of the user’s CPAP use. Its small, travel-friendly design includes a fully integrated humidifier. Easy to use controls make the ICON a good machine for everyone, using it is as simple as pressing a button and turning the SmartDial control. Other features include, alarm clock, manual altitude adjustment, and proportional ramp. The ICON is the entry-level unit in the ICON family. *This machine includes a heated hose and humidifier, Model #ICONAAN-HT


  • ThermoSmart Technology: Patented Fisher & Paykel humidification design that is proven to provide more humidity and comfort for the user.
  • Fully Integrated Humidifier: Small, compact CPAP design that includes a full humidifier with a very easy-to-fill water chamber.
  • Compliance Reporting: Track how much you are using your CPAP using onboard menus or through SmartStick data collection.
  • SmartDial One-Touch Navigation: User-friendly controls designed for the user.
  • Proportional Ramp: Adjust naturally to therapy as you fall asleep - this machine gradually increases your pressure over a specified period of time.
  • Altitude Adjustment: Manually change your altitude settings to compensate for higher elevations.
  • Convenient Elbow-to-Tubing Connection: Tubing swivels freely from its rotating connection to the machine.

Prescription Information

Canadian federal laws require a person to have an up to date prescription in order to purchase a CPAP machine. A prescription provides information such as details about the patient as well as recommended air pressure. The purpose of the prescription is to ensure the air pressure settings on the machine will not harm the user. If the machine settings are too high a person’s airway can be damaged. If the settings are too low, the CPAP therapy will not be effective.
A prescription can be obtained from a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, psychiatrist, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist, or naturopath. We CANNOT accept a prescription written by any of the following unless they are also an MD or DO: Chiropractor, podiatrist, optometrist, or psychologist.

Machine Set Up

Based upon your prescription, SleepYeti will set up configure this CPAP machine just for you prior to shipping.

Subscription Information

It is recommended that you replace your CPAP machine every three years to maintain a high quality level of therapy.

Cleaning Instructions

Download our free PDF brochure for sleep hygiene tips and cleaning instructions for your CPAP machine and equipment. (Click here to download)